BIRTHDAY GIRL. My first novel. It will always hold a tender, seeping little raw spot in the pit of my belly. Readers continue to respond exceedingly well which, as any author will hastily divulge, is way better than chocolate, puppies, and sex…put together.

Birthday Girl: a Novel
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SEEDPOD PUBLISHING is a literary/arts collective founded with the brilliant and lovely Kathryn Pope. We wanted to read more of the kind of fiction we enjoy while offering an outlet for new contemporary work to enter the world in this burgeoning realm of digital reading. With Seedpod, we focus on literary fiction and memoir with a particular flavour as well as a free-wheeling selection of 140-character micro-fiction via Twitter.

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THE STORY SPOT is the site I founded in response to questions from my screenwriting friends (and from a few complete strangers). Turned out they weren’t alone. I gathered four of my favorite scribes to cover a broader topic base (short films, feature films, television series, and novels) and hung out the coaching shingle.


CEO Dov Seidman stakes his reputation on his belief that, “In a connected world, individuals and organizations that make the strongest connections win.” Dov wanted to write a book and I was fortunate enough to deeply and meaningfully contribute to the process. I drank his Kool-Aid. Then he drank some of mine. Then we built a big, fancy website to host an on-going conversation among an international circle of thought-leaders. You should check it out. Really. You should.
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Strategy Magazine“Trend” and “New Media” columns. Strategy: The Canadian Marketing Report 1998-99.

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