I grew up in motion. Born between two cultures and raised in three countries, I claim several places — both real and imagined — as home. As a baby vagabond, words were manna. Words kept me grounded. Words gave me comfort by depositing me in ideas so vast and complete I never wanted to leave. Not a thing was safe from these voracious eyes. Not novels, not encyclop√¶dia. Medical references, product manuals, and all the fine print were eaten course after course. Then, as a palete cleanser, I dissected and reassembled the TV, the phone, the microwave just to see if I could make them whole again. I reveal these scandalous tidbits to you, just between us, by way of introduction to my kind of mind. It’s a lot to take in, I know.

It’s best to just go with it

On the way to today, I should tell you, I’ve been around. There was the time I was an underage cocktail slinger, not knowing gin from rye. And then there were the times I was a national pageant queen, an A-list assistant, a dot-com swashbuckler, a ghostwriter for movies you’ve seen and for two best-selling books you probably haven’t. They called me Professor when I taught critical thinking to freshmen and Coach when I ushered art-deprived middle-schoolers towards their first gallery exhibition. I’ve lectured at my alma mater on starting-up an independent digital publishing house and been interviewed by Fast Company magazine and others for being young, fast, and digital. But don’t worry, I used protection. My seatbelt was fastened. And all the while, riding the dips and curves, I stayed nourished by words, by ideas without bounds.

The sky is bright, traffic is clear, and the way forward stretches ahead


Turns out, all roads lead here

The page is pavement, winding ahead, leading through and past, carrying us along to wherever we wish to go and to a few places we’d rather not (I know you secretly love to be scared out of your seat). On this road, I get to enjoy the pleasures of creating for the screen. I get to breathe new life into beloved grande dames of entertainment and translate novels into their cinematic language. The other drivers, they come to me asking, will I cozy their characters up to their audiences? Will I shape their imaginary world into one we can tumble into time and time again?

Will I?

It is my honor to use my superpowers for good and not evil, to promote equality, veracity, and diversity in every project I touch. May this road be a long one and may I ride forever.