Photo of Diane J. WrightDiane’s narrative portrayals of life have garnered accolades including the Eloise Klein Healy Award, bestowed by Los Angeles’ first poet laureate, twice being the recipient of Telefilm Canada’s Writer’s First Award, and being lauded at prestigious film festivals in Canada and Europe. Most recently, her comedic feature screenplay earned semi-finalist placement in the Diverse Voices 2018 competition.

In 2008, Diane released her first novel as one of The Seedpod Collective’s flagship titles. Inspired by headline-making stories of children in captivity, Birthday Girl earned praise as “a book to get lost in” and “a compelling narrative of beguiling naivetĂ©.”

A lifetime of studying society combined with an innate talent for pattern recognition affords Diane the uncommon abilities needed to unravel puzzles of all kinds, including the one of our own humanity. It brings her immense joy to do so as do culinary adventuring, wildlife spotting, and immersing herself in art and architecture. Diane lives and works with her partner in life, director Jeff Renfroe.