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Louis C.K. Rides My Empathy Bandwagon

Comedian Louis C.K. profoundly vital message about being human.

…while one may be horrified by the ravages of developmental disorder or disease, one may sometimes see them as creative too–for if they destroy particular paths, particular ways of doing things, they may force the nervous system into making other paths and ways, force on it an unexpected growth and evolution. Oliver Sacks in An […]

False Creek Piano

For use when spontaneously bursting into song. Courtesy of Keys to the Streets – @keys2streets

Willam + Moonlight = Happy

Willam is one talented ladyboy, no? And on wheels too. Damn.

Smithsonian Photo Contest Winner Image by Nathan Carlsen

Smithsonian Magazine’s 2012 Photo Contest Finalists

Need a hit of gorgeous in your day? Feast your eyes on twenty-one images from Smithsonian Magazine’s 2012 Photo Contest posted on The Atlantic’s site. These are a few of the finalists. Want to see more? Head to Smithsonian Magazine. Then there’s this bit of awesome. See more finalists at Smithsonian Magazine’s 2012 Photo Contest […]

Can We Stop Hurting Each Other Already?

If you haven’t yet seen Leslie Morgan Steiner’s talk at TEDx, it’s sixteen minutes that may just change your life.

Feeling agitated? Check out some juggling.

Andy Puddicombe reminds us of the importance of practicing mindfulness. If you insist on being ironically short on time, start at 6:10. “Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes” on TED