Lights in Motion
I grew up in motion. Born between two cultures, and raised in three countries, mine is a story that straddles lines, blurs boundaries, and breaks convention just by being. As a young person, text was my companion. I read novels, manuals, encyclop√¶dia, medical references, all the fine print and tinned food labels. When I wasn’t reading, I took things apart and reassembled them, just because. I learned that my fuel is understanding how the world functions; that patterns reveal truth. I became a writer.

On the way here, I have been an underage cocktail slinger, a national pageant queen, an A-list assistant, an intrepid dot-com adventurer, and a ghostwriter for movies you’ve seen and for a best-selling book you probably haven’t. I’ve taught writing to freshmen at the University of La Verne and to underserved middle-schoolers through the J. Paul Getty Museum. I’ve lectured at my alma mater, Antioch University Los Angeles and been interviewed by Fast Company magazine. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to earn a few accolades including twice receiving Telefilm Canada’s Writers First Award. My adventure has been grand.

Today, I’m developing screenplays and series proposals for entertainment that reflects my world, my perspective, and are what I want to watch. My fondest wish is for you to imagine yourself doing extraordinary things. I want you to dream.

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