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Diane J. Wright is an award-winning author and screenwriter. Her work has been praised for deeply resonating with audiences and revealing what is hidden in everyday life. Over the past twenty years she has shared her perspective as an artist, writer, and journalist in popular magazines, in bestselling non-fiction titles, on cinema and television screens, and in her debut novel, Birthday Girl. She receives immense satisfaction and joy from guiding others towards creating the stories they want to tell, as they want to tell them. She's got a gift and she's gonna use it.

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Birthday Girl

Cover for Birthday Girl novel

Birthday Girl

When a sixteen-year-old ingénue finds herself lost and alone on the side of the California highway, she has no way to know it's the beginning of a brand new life. Taking on an unforgiving and confusing world with determination, courage, and her autistic superpowers, Tracey Burns sets out on a quest to find her missing mother and, on the way, learns what it means to never, ever give up.

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The Lab

Experiments in form, function, and flights of fancy. You never know what you'll find.

Image for the Sex. Death. Ressurection. anthology
Sex. Death. Resurrection.

Sex. Death. Resurrection. features seven established and emerging authors and seven multidisciplinary artists coming together, disparately, around love, loss, hope, and rebirth.

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7 Letters To My Mother

A collection of intimate letters made public.

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Lessons From Therapy

An anonymous confessional tracking one failed foray into the depths of psychotherapy.

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Read the award-winning short story, "Hula Girl" now.

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